How To Eat Amla: When and how to eat Amla- Watch Video

Publish Date: 21 Nov, 2020 |

How To Eat Amla: It is important for you to know the benefits of amla, because it is a wonderful food. Small amla has miraculous properties. Amla is very beneficial for the body. Amla has vitamin C, vitamin AB complex, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, carbohydrates, fiber and diuretic acid. The benefits of Amla are so much that this is why Amla is considered a medicine for 100 diseases. In Ayurveda, amla is considered as nectar. Amla Remedies are used in many home remedies. Amla is good for heart health. Yes, the benefits of Amla do not end there. Amla is also good for heart health. Chromium present in amla reduces the effect of beta blocker. This makes your heart strong and healthy. Not only this, amla helps in making good cholesterol by eliminating bad cholesterol. Antioxidant and Vitamin C in Amla helps to boost your metabolism and prevent viral and bacterial diseases including cold and cough. It is the astringent taste of gooseberry which helps to keep your health good, so you can prepare it by eating candy or a mixture of gooseberry, jaggery and rock salt. Amla juice is beneficial for the eyes. It increases the light of the eyes. Not only those who give cataract, color blindness or show less, they should drink Amla juice. Amla has ingredients that provide coolness to the brain. Eating Indian gooseberry provides relief in tension and sleep. 



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