How to Moisturize Your Skin: how to apply Moisturizing in winter and in what quantity- Watch Video

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How to Moisturize Your Skin: Moisturizer is used to make the skin beautiful, soft.This keeps the skin healthy and looks young for a long time. Moisturizer is applied to the skin to hydrate or remove water deficiency. Moisturizer is very important for dry skin. Let's know some things related to moisturizer and what is the right way to apply it.


What is moisturizer

Any cream, oil or lotion that reduces the skin's dryness or provides moisture to it is called a moisturizer. Sebum secretes naturally in the body which keeps the skin hydrated. In the absence of sebum, the skin is moisturized externally with the help of a moisturizer. The moisturizer also nourishes the skin, protects from the sun's UV rays and also has anti-aging properties.


How to apply moisturizer

The correct way to apply moisturizer is as follows-

First wash your face with a face wash. This will remove dust and dirt deposited on the face and will soak the skin moisturizer properly.

Now take a little bit of moisturizer on your one finger and apply it as small dots on your cheeks and forehead. Now spread this cream lightly with the help of fingers in circular motion.

After this, apply moisturizer to the nose, chin and upper lip in the same way.

Apply moisturizer on the skin of the face which is more dry.

Oily parts should not be applied as moisturizer.

Let it dry for one to two minutes after applying moisturizer. After it dries, apply some more on the skin.



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