India China Tension: Eastern Ladakh में तैनात ९०% चीन के PLA को सामना करना पड़ रहा है ठण्ड का

Publish Date: 07 Jun, 2021 |

India China Tension:

Considering the extreme cold which the Chinese troops (People Liberation Army) have to face who are currently deployed in front of Eastern Ladakh, 90 percent of the soldiers have started returning and other soldiers are being deployed at their place

As per the reports of ANI, China has deployed more than 50 thousand soldiers at the Indian borders in Eastern Ladakh since last April-May. Sources told ANI that a major reason for this rotation is that Chinese troops are at a very high altitude, and can’t fight the severe cold for so long. 

Moreover, the reports state that Chinese troops were being circulated on a regular basis while being deployed at the Pangong lake area. 

It must be noted that the Indian Army deploys its troops at the high-altitude areas for 2 years straight, and rotates them as per the count of 40-50 soldiers every year.

While the two countries agreed over removing the deployment of troops from the Pangong lake area, however, the troops are still deployed in the nearby regions. 


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