Know why today is celebrated as International Yoga Day and its connection with PM Modi, read History, Significance, and theme for 2021

Publish Date: 21 Jun, 2021 |

International Yoga Day 2021: Meditation is a necessity to keep our lives stress-free, and our mental health balanced. And one of the best ways to meditate is Yoga, as it not only helps you remain calm, but also cleanses your body, and cures various major health issues. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Yoga and regular exercises have worked as a catalyst in keeping the deadly virus at a bay, as these keep our immunity intact, and also have helped many in dealing with anxiety and depression.

A special day is commemorated every year to promote the spread of this invaluable gift of dealing with many bodily issues, known as the International Day of Yoga. 


In this article further, we will know more about the International Day of Yoga, its history, significance, and the theme of the International Yoga Day 2021.

History of International Yoga Day 2021:

Celebrated annually on 21st June across the globe, the idea of International Day of Yoga was first proposed by the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on 27th September 2014.

While the first International Day of Yoga was celebrated on 21st June 2015, and 21st June was the date suggested by PM Modi as the day is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has great significance across the world.


Significance of International Yoga Day 2021:

Yoga is a physical, spiritual, and mental practice that originated in India, while the word “Yoga” is derived from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite. The union of the human body and consciousness is known as Yoga, which helps us in maintaining mental peace with the changing times.

The theme for International Yoga Day 2021:

Considering the current times of the Covid-19 pandemic across the country, the theme for International Yoga Day 2021 is “Yoga for Well-being”. The message imparted by the theme emphasizes more on mental stability and keeping our mental health sane, which is much-needed during such difficult times, as the world has lost many precious lives to this pandemic, hence, staying away from depression and anxiety is what will take us forward.



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