International Men's Day 2020: why do we celebrate and its history- Watch Video

Publish Date: 19 Nov, 2020 |

International Men's Day 2020: Today is International Men's Day. Today, awareness campaigns are being conducted in many corners of the country and abroad for men's rights, health, appreciation of positive qualities of masculinity, gender equality. Actually, the society may be male dominated, but sometimes men are also victims of atrocities. International Men's Day was first observed in India on 19 November 2007. 

History of International Men's Day:

The demand to celebrate International Men's Day was first made by some men in 1923, they said that if Women's Day is celebrated, then Men's Day should also be celebrated. On 19 November 1999, the people of Trinidad and Tobago celebrated International Men's Day for the first time. In India, Dr. Jirom Tilak Singh made a lot of efforts to bring men's rights and mainstream them. Dr. Jirom Tilak Singh's father Ja was born on 19 November. It was on this date that International Men's Day began to be celebrated in India. 



A theme is kept every year on International Men's Day. This year's theme is 'Better Health for Man and Boys'. 



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