Iron-Rich Food: Include these special foods in your diet- Watch Video

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2020 |

Iron-Rich Food:  Your body needs minerals regularly. One of these essential minerals is iron. The body needs iron to make hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein present in blood cells. Hemoglobin does the job of transporting oxygen throughout our body, which is important for the operation of the whole body. It takes oxygen from the lungs and carries it through blood to every part of the body. So you can understand how important iron plays in your diet. Iron deficiency can cause many damage to your body as well as it can also cause you to face all the problems. Lack of iron can lead to complaints of anemia, laziness, dizziness, headache, etc. In such a situation, know how with the help of foods you can overcome their deficiency. Beetroot is a boon for health, you must eat it during the day, you can eat it as a salad. Along with this, you can also drink its juice. Consumption of this will reduce the problem of anemia in your body, along with this your hemoglobin will also increase, which will make you feel healthier than before. Spinach is not available in every season, but you should eat it whenever it comes in the market. Spinach soup, juice, vegetable. It contains a lot of calcium, sodium, chlorine, phosphorus, mineral salts and protein which is beneficial for your body. You must eat pomegranate, it is good for health anyway, along with it it removes your iron deficiency. Also, it gets rid of anemia. Every day you consume pomegranate. 



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