Israel Palestine Truce: इजराइल ने करा Ceasefireका उल्लंघन, Gaza की तरफ दागे rocket

Publish Date: 16 Jun, 2021 |

Israel Palestine Truce:

The ceasefire between Israel and Palestine has been ended within a few days, as recently Israel has infringed the Ceasefire agreement and has fired rockets towards Gaza. On Tuesday night, rockets were fired towards Gaza suddenly. 

The reason stated by Israel:

While stating the reason behind the attack, Israel has said that the attack on Gaza is just a reverted action to the Hamas attack. However, the recent attack on Israel has lead to the infringement of the ceasefire which took place on 21st May 2021, after an 11 days severe war between the two countries.  

Moreover, Israel has denied accepting the attack as a provoking measure and an infringement of the ceasefire. While Hamas has mentioned in its defense that Palestinians will continue to defend their rights and holy sites in Jerusalem.

It must be noted that the war which took place between the two countries earlier took away the lives of around 200 people. And after the efforts of America, Israel and Palestine had agreed to end the war, but this agreement could not last long.  


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