JEE Main 2021 Result: Know how Ranjim Prabal scored Rank 3 in JEE Main February exam, and how did he prepare for the exam

Publish Date: 17 Mar, 2021 |

JEE Main 2021 Result:

Since the JEE Main February 2021 Session Result is already out, there are 6 students who scored a perfect 100 percentile. While joining the gang is this boy named Ranjim Prabal, who scored Rank 3. So, in this article, we will further discuss the preparation strategy of Ranjim, and how he managed to score such a good rank even during the situation of a pandemic.  


Ranjim shared that he used to study for almost 8 hours a day, and had defined targets for each day, according to which he used to study. Ranjim said that these virtual classes worked in his favour, as during offline classes it was difficult to remember all the things taught in the class and asking doubt was usually possible at the end of the day. But praising thede virtual classes, Ranjim said that virtual classes helped him to prepare the best for the JEE Main exams. As these classes can also be recorded and the doubts can be asked any time, adding further Ranjim said that he used to study for 8 hours a day and if he couldn’t reach his target of studies, he used to devote more than 8 hours a day. 


Ranji during the lockdown was tested positive for Corona Virus, and he shares that it was at that time, he couldn’t study at all due to the illness, but when his fever came down, he again geared up with his studies. And this was the schedule Ranjim followed to prepare for his studies and achieved the 3rd Rank in the JEE Main February 2021 session exam.  



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