Kannada Actor Sanchari Vijay Passed Away after doctors declare him brain dead, family decide to donate organs

Publish Date: 15 Jun, 2021 |

Kannada actor Sanchari Vijay who met in a bike accident on Saturday has passed away. The actor was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a private hospital in Bengaluru. After the accident, he underwent brain surgery and was in critical condition. However, on Monday he was declared brain dead and later his family decided to donate his organs. 

Sanchari Vijay died after Brain Dead

Earlier on Saturday night June 12, Sanchari Vijay suffered a serious brain injury in a road accident along with his friend Naveen. In the seriously injured condition, Vijay was admitted to a private hospital and the doctors immediately performed brain surgery on him. Post-operation he was shifted to ICU. However, Vijay’s condition remained critical and on Monday doctors declared Vijay brain dead. Vijay died on Monday 14 June.


What is Brain Dead Condition

 According to medical experts, if the body's consciousness dies but other organs still function in that condition the patient is declared brain dead. While the organs are still working the brain is said to be failed and it can not be further treated. The patient stops responding physically. In this condition the patient is put on a ventilator. 

When the brain stem suffers a technical fault (a serious injury or hemorrhage), the brain stem stops responding. The back part of the brain is very important for the body to do things like speaking, walking, seeing and expressing gestures. In Brain dead situation, the patient is put on a ventilator.  

Meanwhile after declaring Brain dead a patient can save many lives as their body organs can be donated. Sanchari Vijay’s parents have also decided to donate his organs.



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