Know the certain rights which you are entitled to while purchasing petrol for your vehicles at the petrol pumps

Publish Date: 17 Jul, 2021 |

Rights at Petrol Pump:

While visiting the petrol pumps have you ever realized that we do have some rights while getting our vehicles refilled. Well yes, we do have certain rights while getting our vehicles refilled at the petrol pumps and these rights are related to checking the quality of the fuel which we are paying the money for.

So, here is the list of certain rights that we are entitled to while being at a petrol pump.

  • Right to check quality: 

A customer has every right to check the quality of diesel and petrol, which he is paying the money for. He has the right to know whether he is getting the right goods or services for the money he spends. 

  • Filter paper test (for petrol): 

The filter paper test is only conducted for petrol. For this test, clean the nozzle of the petrol dispenser and put a drop of petrol on the filter paper, normally it should evaporate within 2 minutes. Now check that the place where you put a drop of petrol on the paper should turn a little pinkish. It must be noted that if the spot where the petrol was dropped turns to be of some other color, then the petrol isn’t pure and is adulterated.

  • Never forget to collect a cash memo or receipt after every purchase at the petrol pump as it will help you to reclaim any discrepancy or fraud that happens. 

Other than this, these facilities must be available free of cost at any petrol pump, irrespective of the company of the petrol pump:

1. Free air in the vehicle

2. Drinking water

3. Toilet/Washroom

4. First aid box in case of any injury or wound.

5. Complaint box for registering complaints.

6. Safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and sand buckets to avoid fire.

7. Oil prices and working hours.

8. For the convenience of the customers, the station manager's license, name, and phone number along with the phone numbers of the oil company personnel should be written on any wall, etc.

Our Responsibilities at a Petrol Pump as a Citizen:

1. When we get diesel or petrol filled in our vehicles, then we should turn off the engine of our car or bike, lest it should go out while pouring petrol and catch fire.

2. Never light a cigarette or match inside the petrol pump premises.

3. Never call on your mobile phone while taking diesel or petrol, rather switch off the phone if possible.

4. Get down from the vehicle while putting diesel or petrol.

5. It is dangerous to take diesel or petrol in plastic or glass bottles, do not do this.



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