Know the guidelines for the UPSC CSE Personality Test

Publish Date: 19 May, 2021 |

UPSC CSE Personality Test:

Our personality is one of the main traits which helps our identity stand out differently from the others. A person’s personality speaks a lot about the nature, thinking, and behavior of a person.

And similarly, during the UPSC Civil Service Exams, the personality test is one of the main and decisive rounds of the whole exam process as it is the concluding stage and if a person fails to clear the interview round, his/her hard work done at the previous stages goes in vain. So, preparing well for the Personality test for the UPSC Civil Service Exam is necessary. 

Given below in the article are the guidelines for the Personality Test, so follow the article till the end to know more about the topic. 

  • Expressions matter: The expressions of a particular candidate such as the way of talking and eye contact do matter. The way a person behaves and talks or communicates with the board members tells a lot about their personality. 

  • Body language and clothes: During the UPSC Personality Test, while appearing for the interview, a person’s body language is judged extensively, the way he/she stands, the way they talk, and the way they dress up, all counts a lot. It is advised that a person should always dress up decently for the interview round and should always dress up according to the circumstances, soberly.

  • Communication Skills: While communicating to the board members, the selection words, tone of speech, Tonality should be very appropriate. While speaking we should try not to choose inappropriate and vulgar or abusive words. Moreover, the tone of a candidate’s speech should be humble and soft without showing aggressiveness. And the tonality of the candidate should be even while emphasizing more on the important parts.

  • While answering the technical questions, it would be better to use technical words, but it isn’t necessary to do the same. 

  • Students must understand that the views of different people differ at times, and while appearing for the interview, if a candidate’s views differ from any of the board members, then you can indulge yourself in a discussion, but debating on the topic isn’t considered appropriate.

  •  A humble tone must be carried out throughout the interview. A candidate shall always be self-confident, but not egoistic.    

  • Etiquettes and manners should be included extensively in the behavior of every candidate appearing for the Personality Test. While answering questions during the Personality Test, candidates must be in a civilized manner, as these are those small things while may affect their overall impression in the eyes of the board members. 

Preparing well and working on your personality before appearing for the Personality test will always increase your chances to clear one of the most difficult stages of the UPSC exam. 


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