Solar Eclipse 2021: जानें सूर्य ग्रहण के प्रकार और कुछ interesting facts

Publish Date: 10 Jun, 2021 |

Solar Eclipse 2021: 

The first Solar Eclipse of the year 2021 is being witnessed today i.e, on 10th June 2021. While the eclipse will be visible partially in India and have initiated from 1:42 PM, which will continue until 6: 41 PM. The Sutak Timing isn’t applicable for this Solar Eclipse in India. 

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Solar Eclipse is a geographical phenomenon that occurs when the moon comes between the sun and earth and blocks most of the sun rays from reaching the earth. During the solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon is visible on earth. 

Whenever the moon covers the sun partially, the phenomenon is known as a partial solar eclipse, however, when the moon covers the sun as a whole, the phenomenon is known as a full solar eclipse. 

Types of Solar Eclipse:

There are basically three types of Solar Eclipse, namely:

1. Full Solar Eclipse:

 When the Moon completely covers the Sun, then a black saucer-like figure is visible which almost looks like a  'Diamond Ring' just before the moon completely covers the sun, and just after it leaves behind the moon.

2. Partial Solar Eclipse: 

A partial eclipse occurs when the Sun and the Moon are not in a straight line and the Moon covers only a portion of the Sun. This phenomenon is called Khanda-Grahan. 

3. Annular Solar Eclipse: 

When the Moon is at a great distance from the Earth and comes between the Earth and the Sun, in such a situation, the area outside the Sun appears to shine in the form of a bracelet or ring due to being illuminated, and hence the phenomenon is known as an Annular Solar Eclipse. 

Interesting facts about the Solar Eclipse 2021: 

The Solar Eclipse being witnessed on 10th June is a form of rare geographical phenomena, called Ring of Fire, which is also known as the Annular Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse on 10th June is occurring after 149 years, and as per the calculations of the Space Scientists, one such Solar Eclipse will be visible after 18 years 11 days. 

During a Solar Eclipse, all the Animals and birds get confused and prepare to sleep.


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