Explainers Single-Use Plastic: Know why this plastic is a threat to the environment & is banned in many countries

Publish Date: 17 Jul, 2021 |

Single-Use Plastic:

Single-Use Plastic has been recognized as a great threat to our environment and the ecosystem in the past few years. While banning this form of plastic has great a huge impact, however, eliminating this completely from our daily lives at the global level has become the need of the hour. 

So, let’s first discuss what is single-use plastic and how it affects our environment and ecosystem, in the article below.

What is Single-Use Plastic?

Single-Use Plastic refers to a form of plastic that is disposable,  which can only be used once and then is thrown away or recycled. The Single-use plastic items include plastic bags, water bottles, soda bottles, straws, plastic plates, cups, most food packaging, and coffee stirrers. 

Single-use plastic is also termed disposable plastic. It must be noted that this single-use plastic can be recycled too, but its percentage of getting recycled is quite low.

How Single-Use Plastic affects our environment?

  • Single-use plastic poses direct harm to the wildlife and fauna. The Seabirds, fishes, turtles, and other marine mammals are found engulfing fishing gears or plastic bags that block their digestive tract or pierce organs and ultimately lead to their death. This has lead to many species underwater go extinct, thereby causing a great loss to our ecosystem as it breaks the basic food chain.

  • Our oceans and water bodies can be seen packed with floating plastics, which are constantly increasing. The single-use plastic pollution under the process of wave motions, bacteria, and seasonal changes affect the properties of plastic in the ocean thereby converting it into micro-plastics, which are then consumed by the plankton.

  • Disposable plastic when degrades in the environment various several greenhouse gases. Such single-use plastic bags or other items when exposed to sunlight produce methane and ethylene have a detrimental effect, and also adds to direct air pollution. 

So, from the above article, it is quite clear that the benefits of single-use plastic are negligible and the item only affects our environment badly. Reading this article just like any other single-use plastic essay won’t make a change, so let’s swear to reduce the usage of single-use plastic from our lives as much as we can.



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