Perform these 5 asanas to improve your lungs capacity

Publish Date: 11 Jun, 2021 |

Asanas to improve your lungs capacity:

During such difficult times, the Covid-19 virus has entered and affected almost every household in some or another way. And what is keeping us all safe at such times is a positive mindset and lots of yoga and other recreational exercises, which we can perform while being at home.  

While keeping our Oxygen saturation level balanced is one of the most important steps while recovering from the Covid-19 virus. Hence, mentioned below in the article are some of the Yoga asanas which will help you in increasing the capacity of your lungs. 

It must be noted that every asana must be performed for three rounds while holding the position for at least 20 seconds.

1. Parvatasana (the mountain pose):

Firstly, sit in Vajrasana in a clean environment. While concentrating, keep the toes of both hands and feet on the ground. Taking the support of the ground, raise your waist in a triangular shape. Do this asana while being in a mountain position. Keep breathing in and out as normal and remember to keep the body stable at your convenience. After some time slowly sit in Vajrasana.

2. Adho Mukha Shravanasana (Downward facing dog pose):

First of all, stand straight on the ground and after that bend down towards the ground with both hands forward. While bending your knees should be straight and should be just below the hips while both your hands should be bent a little before but not equal to the shoulder. Spread the palms of your hands forward in a bent position and keep the fingers parallel. Exhale and bend your knees slightly in the shape of a bow for downward-facing breathing posture and lift the ankles off the ground.

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

Lie down on your stomach on the ground, keep your feet and head straight on the ground and keep the legs straight, keep the feet and ankles together. Keep both the hands below both the shoulders and keep both the elbows close and parallel to the body. Take long breaths, slowly lift the head, then the chest, and then the stomach. Keep the navel on the ground. Now while raising the body, with the help of both the hands, pull it towards the back of the waist. While breathing consciously, straighten both arms by slowly bending the spine joint, even more, Raise your neck and look up. Keep your shoulders relaxed. If necessary, you can also bend the elbows. As you go, you can learn to give more curvature to the back by keeping the elbows straight as you continue to practice. Keep in mind that your legs are still straight. Keep a light smile, and keep taking long breaths. Stretch the body according to your capacity, twisting too much can be harmful. While exhaling, firstly bring the stomach, then the chest, and then the head slowly back to the ground. 

4. Savitriasana (Kneeling Backbend):

Keep the entire weight of your body on the knees by keeping the knees on the ground. Keep the body straight. Now warm up a little and then keep your hands upwards by waving. Keep a distance between both hands. While there, keep an eye upwards. Stay in this posture for some time. After that come back to the first pose.

5. Ustrasana (Camel Pose):

Form the pose of Savitri Asana. After this, bend the body backward and place both hands on your ankles. One thing to keep in mind is not to twist your neck, but let the neck remain in its natural state. Stay in this state for a few moments. Now remove the hands and come to the first position. Do not stay in this state for long.


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