Petrol Diesel Price: Finance Ministry likely to cut down the Petrol and Diesel prices soon

Publish Date: 03 Mar, 2021 |

Petrol Diesel Price:

With the prices of Petrol and Diesel touching the skies, no further rise in fuel prices have been noted for the continual 4th day. The Finance Ministry is contemplating to reduce the excise duties on petrol and diesel prices to soften the impact of domestic prices.  


As per the reports, the Finance Ministry is said to have consulting states and oil companies to find an effective way to mutually solve the issue by lowering the tax burden on consumers in a way that neither it gives the government a revenue big damage. 


The current Petrol prices in the national capital of India, Delhi continue to be INR 91.17 per litre and likewise, Diesel is priced at 81.47 per litre. While considering from 9th February 2021, the prices for petrol and diesel have been increased for 14 times and the rise for petrol has been gauged by INR 4.22 per litre and for diesel, it is, INR 4.34 per litre in Delhi.  



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