Petrol-Diesel Price: पेट्रोल की कीमत में आज जोरदार उछाल, डीजल और CNG के भी बढ़े दाम

Publish Date: 05 Jul, 2021 |

Petrol-Diesel Prices: Inflation is hitting middle-class families from all sides. After the hike of Rs 25.50 in LPG (Non-Subsidy Cylinder), CNG’s price has also surged. People reached the CNG station on Friday after witnessing the price of CNG going high for around Rs 3.50 in the last three months. 

CNG reached 63.50 per KG

Earlier in April, there was an increase of Rs 2.5 in CNG available for Rs 60. Now after a sudden increase of 0.70 paise, CNG reached Rs 63.50 per kg. Its effect will soon be visible on the freight charges as well.

Petrol and Diesel costlier 

Petrol and diesel prices are also on fire. Petrol and diesel reached their all-time high in Bareilly's filling stations on Sunday.  In just two months, petrol price increased by Rs 9.68, while diesel by Rs 8.45. In Bareilly, petrol was priced at Rs 88.61 a liter on May 4, while diesel was being sold for Rs 81.24 a liter. Meanwhile, Normal petrol was sold for Rs 96.29, while diesel was sold for Rs 89.69. Power category petrol also saw a surge by Rs 99.88 per liter and diesel by Rs 95. 

Booking of expensive cylinders started at Rs 25.50

On Thursday, the prices of domestic LPG cylinders became costlier by Rs 25.50, while that of commercial cylinders by Rs 84. The market price of domestic cylinders has also increased from Rs 827.50 to Rs 853 and Commercial gas cylinders increased from Rs.1515 to Rs.1599. 

At the same time, small cylinders of five kg also saw a hike of nine rupees. A small cylinder of Rs 312 is now available for Rs 321.


Petrol and Diesel Prices in Metro Cities Today


Cities                 Petrol            Diesel

New DelhiRs 99.51          Rs 89.36

Mumbai        Rs 105.62          Rs 96.95

Chennai        Rs 100.44          Rs 93.91

Kolkata        Rs 99.49          Rs 92.31

Current prices of cylinders

Domestic cylinder - Rs 853

Commercial Cylinder - Rs 1599.50

Small cylinder - Rs 321

CNG - Rs 63.50 per kg

Petrol and Diesel Current Prices

Petrol - Rs 96.29 per litre

Diesel - Rs 89.69 per litre

Power Petrol and Diesel Current Prices

Petrol - Rs 99.88 per litre

Diesel - Rs 95 per litre


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