Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine update: Pfizer offers to trade Covid-19 vaccine in India at No Profit rates

Publish Date: 23 Apr, 2021 |

Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine update:

The usage of vaccines such as Covishield and Covaxin is prevalent in India as of now. And it must be noted that the Russian vaccine Sputnik V has also got a nod for use in India. Moreover, Johnson & Johnson has also asked for permission for further usage in India, and the American company Pfizer has offered a “No Profit” delivery of the Coronavirus vaccines in India. 

On 13th April, Dr. Vinod Paul, a member of Niti Ayog stated that they are inviting various vaccine manufacturers across the world to trade their vaccines in India. However, when asked about the justifiableness of these vaccines, he mentioned that if the regulators of America, Japan, EU, and the UK and even being included in the WHO’s emergency authorized list, then these must be safe for usage in India too. 

It was further stated by Dr. Vinod Paul that, all the first 100 recipients of the Sputnik V vaccine will be under observation for a week to avoid the possible side effects.

It must be noted that India is about to conduct the third phase of Covid-19 vaccination from 1st May 2021, the registration for which will commence from 24th April 2021. 


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