Primary School looks like a train coach in Behta Gambhirpur in Bhitargaon Block, Kanpur

Publish Date: 15 Feb, 2021 |

Train-like school in Kanpur: Since the literacy rate of India is really low, students refrain themselves from going to school because of the poor financial condition of the family. And if some are really interested in studying, they are restricted and pushed back by their parents. In some of the rural areas of India, people have a common ideology that getting educated will affect their children and they will become obstreperous. And considering this, children also believe that getting educated is western culture. Many such children are confined to do some laborious work to earn living for the family at such a small age. So, to push children towards education and convenience them to get educated is a very strenuous task. But, some organisations are working hard towards bringing a change in the old mindsets of people and to introduce them to education. And one of those organisations is a small school which looks like a train, in a small district of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. 


This train-like school is made with a purpose to attract children from the village to visit the school and study here. Since education is not a very common thing in the areas surrounding this school, the principal and the the teaching staff from the school thought of giving the school premises a makeover, which made it look like a real train. This was done so as to attract the children and their guardians to send their students to the school to study and get an education. This scheme of giving the makeover to this school situated in a small district of Behta Gambhirpur in Bhitargoan Block, Kanpur bore sweet fruits too. Madam principal has also shared that the children after getting attracted by the decoration and makeover of the school the students have shown up in numbers and have participated in different activities and studies happening in the school. 

After nationwide lockdown, it took much time for students of Behta Gambhirpur to return back to the school but, over the time, many children enjoyed getting involved into studies all over again. While during this, students are being taught to maintain proper social distance while being in any public space and have to enter the school premises wearing the mandatory facial masks. 


We wish that this initiative o the school principal and staff benefits the students of the village in all possible ways. 




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