Relationship Talk Ep10: Five Questions To Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married. Watch

Publish Date: 16 Jan, 2021 |

Relationship Talk Ep10: Marriage is one of the most sacred relations a couple have. Something which changes their lives and brings them to the start of a whole new phase. This is a once in a lifetime chance and choosing the right partner and sharing your life with someone you love is a whole new milestone in your life. 

No one wants to go wrong with the decision or wants to have doubt about their other half. In this special episode of Relationship Talk with Kamna Chhibber (Clinical Psychologist), she will discuss the 10 most important questions one should think upon or discuss with their partner before tying the knot.

From discussing and sharing thoughts about each other’s future aspirations and planning, while understanding both the families. Kamna Chibber will tell you the things couples should look on to. 



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