Remdesivir: Know what is Remdesivir medicine and how is it effective on the Covid-19 patients

Publish Date: 22 Apr, 2021
Remdesivir: Know what is Remdesivir medicine and how is it effective on the Covid-19 patients


To curb the current Covid-19 situation, the government has given the fast track nod to the pharmaceutical companies to keep up with the stocks of Remdesivir medicine for the Covid-19 patients. The medicine Remdesivir’s cost has been claimed to be reduced up to less than Rs. 3,500 by the end of this week. As of now, almost 38.8 lakhs vials of the Remdesivir medicine has been produced, but the government has directed its production capacity to be at around 78 lakhs vials per month. While you must be wondering that what Remdesivir actually is, what is Remdesivir made of, the Remdesivir cost and other related questions. Hence, in the article below, you will find answers to each of these questions.  

What is Remdesivir?

Remdesivir is an antiviral medicine that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in late October 2020 to treat patients with the Covid-19 or the CoronaVirus. Remdesivir is the first drug that has been given FDA approval.

A study validating the use of Remdesivir medicine has shown that hospitalised patients with severe Covid-19 have recovered 31% more quickly when given the Remdesivir treatment, instead of the placebo. 

How is the Remdesivir injection used to fight the Covid-19 virus?

The Remdesivir dose for Covid -19 virus has been considered effective by the FDA and, the FDA had issued an emergency use authorization to provide doctors, access to the medication of a clinical trial setting. In October 2020, the FDA approved Remdesivir from an emergency use authorization medication to an FDA-approved drug. 

While some research shows the medicine Remdesivir side effects, which states that the Remdesivir helps many patients in recovering from the Corona Virus treatment, but is unable to prevent death among certain patients. 

How is Remdesivir dose given to Covid-19 patients?

The dose of Remdesivir injection is given to the patients hospitalised with the Covid-19 virus. People are given the Remdesivir injection once a day, continuing for 5 to 10 days, based on the severity of their condition.Corona Virus 

How has the Remdesivir treatment proved effective for the Covid-19 patients?

The reports state that the Remdesivir drug restricts the virus from producing a particular enzyme which is necessary for the Coronavirus to replicate itself. And when this happens, the Covid-19 virus doesn’t spread within the body anymore. 

The research also states that the patients suffering from moderate Covid-19 virus are given Remdesivir injection, their symptoms improve more quickly. Fewer deaths have been recorded among patients suffering from the severe Coronavirus when given a Remdesivir treatment. 

Remdesivir side effects:

The patients given a dose of Remdesivir may witness some side effects such as low blood pressure, nausea, shivering, vomiting, sweating, etc. 

While the severe Remdesivir side effect includes allergic reactions such as itching, swelling, rash, severe dizziness and trouble breathing. 

What is Remdesivir made of?

The active form of the drug Remdesivir consists of three phosphate groups, it is the form that is recognised by the virus’s RNA polymerase enzyme. Another important modification on the Remdesivir is the Carbon- Nitrogen (CN) group attached to sugar. 

DISCLAIMER: This article is for information purpose only, and is sourced from information available on the internet. Do not use this as medical advice and please consult your doctor before using any medicine. 


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