Exclusive Interview: Sayantani Ghosh gosh speaks about Body Shaming And Self Love

Publish Date: 24 Apr, 2021 |

TV star Sayantani Ghosh is a known face of the Television industry. She has made her name for her acting and her fans love her undaunted personality. While the celebs enjoy a lot of fame, recognition and love from fans and audiences, they also face trolls, hate comments and abuses. And one of the biggest platforms, where they face these trollers, is social media. Recently, actress Sayantani Ghosh has been the victim of these trollers during her live stream on which she gave the befitting reply to users who crossed their limits. 

Recently Sayantani Ghosh has shared a post through his official Instagram account. Through this post, Sayantani said that during her live session, a person trolled her and shamed her body. The person asked Sayantni the size of her innerwear. While Satyani’s reply was a big punch on their face, her fans loved her fighting back moment. 

Talking about her body-shaming incident which was in headlines, Satyani speaks about body shaming, objectification of the female body and self-love in this exclusive interview with Her Zindagi. 

Sayatani talks about the fashion trends and how people wear a bikini just for fashion and thinking more than that. She shares that wearing clothes don’t reveal your character or no one has the right to objectify anyone based on their dressing. She also comments on the requirement of the actresses who are fit or of slim perfect body type, instead, people should praise the normal body as not everyone can have that shape or type. She focuses on normalizing differences. 


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