Baba Ramdev के Allopathy बयान को लेकर Shiv Sena मुख्या Sanjay Raut ने BJP पर निशाना साधा

Publish Date: 24 May, 2021 |

Sanjay Raut:

Soon after Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev commented on allopathy stating it as “a stupid science”, he got in trouble, as IMA and Dr. Harsh Vardhan criticized the statement and asked for an apology on it.

Moreover, the healthcare workers across the nation also expressed their discontentment on the same.

While it must be noted that the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev apologized on the same lately on his Twitter account when Dr. Harsh Vardhan wrote a letter to him asking him to apologize for this controversial statement. 

While considering the same matter, the Shiv Sena leader, Sanjay Raut has targetted BJP stating that, if someone else would’ve expressed this statement, then BJP would’ve been out on roads protesting against the same.



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