SSB Interview 5 Days Preparation: Way to enter SSB Interview, 5 Days Procedure and Tips to crack the SSB Interview

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SSB Interview 5 Days Preparation: Entering the Indian Armed Forces is a dream to many. But clearing the exams to enter NDA is a crucial step as every candidate has to go through different rounds of exams to become an NDA Officer. While SSB Interview is also a part of the NDA exam which is a 5-day process required to be qualified in order to move further with the selection process. Also known as the “Intelligence and Personality Test”, SSB (Service Selection Board) interview is conducted by the Ministry of Defence. Although SSB Interview is conducted to admit eligible candidates to the Indian Defence Forces, there are different ways to reach the stage of SSB Interview. So in this article further we will know about different ways to enter the SSB Interview and the list of activities conducted in the 5-day process of SSB Interview. 


The various ways to enter SSB Interview and their eligibility criteria are: 

The first method to enter the SSB Interview is to qualify for certain entrance examinations such as:

  • National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination (NDA & NA Exam)
  • Combined Defence Service Examination
  • Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) + Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT)


The second method to enter the SSB Interview is to apply through various Army, Navy and Air Force courses which are listed below:

  • Technical Graduate Course (TGC)
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG)
  • Technical Short Service Commission Course - SSC Tech
  • Non-Technical Short Service Commission Course- SSC Non-Tech
  • University Entry Scheme (UES)
  • Tech Entry Scheme (TES)
  • IAF’s Meteorology Branch Course
  • Fast Track Selection
  • Navy’s Executive Branch Entry
  • Navy’sTechnical Branch Entry
  • Navy’s Pilot/ Observer Entry
  • Navy’s Education Branch Entry


So, these were the exams and courses which you can enrol yourself into in order to appear for the SSB Interview conducting during the admission process for the Indian Defence Forces. Further below is stated the 5 Day activity list conducted separately on 5 different days of the SSB Interview which will help you prepare well for the SSB Interview. 


Day 1: On Day 1 of the SSB Interview, some Psychological Tests are conducted such as the Intelligence Test, Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT). At the end of the day, candidates are asked to fill up a Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) so as to get insights about the candidate’s background and psychological perception.


Day 2: On the 2nd Day of the SSB Interview, tests such as the Word Association Test (WAT), Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and the  Self Description Test (SDT). 


Day 3: Day 3 of the SSB Interview observes the candidates performing some of the GTO (Group Testing Officer) tasks which are conducted on a stretch of two days i.e., Day 3 and Day 4 of SSB Interview. The tasks conducted on Day 3 of the SSB Interview include Group Discussion, Group Planning Exercise (Military Planning Exercise), Progressive Group Task (PGT) and Half Group Task (HGT). The rest of the GTO Tasks are conducted on Day 4 of the SSB Interview.


Day 4: The activities conducted on Day 4 of the SSB Interview include the rest of the activities which were not conducted on Day 3 of the SSB Interview. Those GTO Tasks include Individual Obstacles, Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race, Common Task, Lecturette and the Final Group Task. 


Day 5: Day 5 of the SSB Interview is the concluding day of the 5-day process of interview full of activities. On the 5th Day of the SSB Interview, candidates have to face a conference where they are asked about their 5 days of experience at the SSB Interview and what all they have learned from this experience. This is a decisive round where the decision about a candidate being recommended further is taken. 


So, this was an overview of the 5 Day process of the SSB Interview where the behaviour of a candidate is analysed on the basis of their overall performance in the activities conducted during those 5 days. 


Students must prepare themselves accordingly for these activities as SSB Interview is one crucial exam. The tips for Day wise preparation for the SSB Interview is explained in the other series of videos by Jagran Josh available on Jagran TV and also on Jagran Josh's YouTube Channel. You can refer to those videos for the best preparation for the SSB Interview.

We wish all the students appearing for the SSB Interview good luck.



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