SSB Interview Day 1 Screening Test: Tips to crack OIR and PPDT Test

Publish Date: 16 Feb, 2021 |

SSB Interview Day 1 Screening Test: SSB Interview is one of the most important section of the NDA exam. While the SSB Interview is a whole 5-day process and different activities are conducted each day which an intent to analyse the ability of the candidate to gauge their inner mind potential. In this article further, we will discuss “How to prepare for the NDA SSB Interview Day 1.”


On the SSB interview Day 1, complete document verification of the candidates takes place. Along with this, some screening tests are also conducted such as Officers Intelligence Rating Test (O.I.R.) and Picture Perception & Discussion Test (P.P.D.T.). The OIR test plays a very significant role in helping the candidate clear Phase 1 of screening and making the overall merit at National Level. 

Whereas on the other hand, the Picture Perception & Detection Test (PPDT) is the most important part of Phase 1 Testing because this test decides the selection of candidates to the Phase 2 testing. Moreover, PPDT is the test which decides your stay at the academy for the next 4 days too. The PPDT test is further divided into two parts: 

  • Picture Perception and;
  • Discussion Test


The process to clear the SSB Interview Day 1 screening tests is mentioned below:

The ace the SSB Interview Day 1 Screening tests, candidates must know the terms which will decide the overall performance for the day. And to get through the SSB Day 1 Screening tests, an ideal candidate should practice these terms and rules so as to avoid any mistake, such important terms are given below:


Directives for the Picture Perception Test:

  • Candidates are required to write a story in 5 minutes 30 seconds on a hazy slide. While for the first 30 seconds the candidate has to observe the image carefully. In the next 1 minute, the candidate should fill in the particulars in the available box in the answer sheet which includes No. of characters, their age and sex of the character, the mood depicted in the picture (Positive or negative) and what is being narrated in the picture. The rest of the four minutes can be used in writing the story.
  • The candidates are required to identify the main character or the protagonist of the picture. 
  • But while writing the story, candidates must note that they have to narrate a story, but not describe that picture. 


Directives for the Discussion Test:

During this test, the candidates are made to sit in a semi-circle and are returned their sheets to revise the stories, and they have to narrate their stories without looking at the sheet within 1 minute. After this, everyone discusses their stories and come to a common story. And with this, it is quite evident that everyone perceives the same picture differently and make up a different story from it.
The results for the test are announced at the end of the day and the candidates who fail to clear the test are sent back home. While the candidates who pass the exam are retained in the academy for further tests.

Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ):  

The selected candidates, at the end of the day, are required to fill the biodata which is known as PIQ and is a very crucial part of SSB. The PIQ avails the invigilator to assess the profile of the candidate better and provides some useful information about them. Hence, candidates must fill this questionnaire carefully will full attention as inaccurate information or boasting can make you trouble. 


Candidates should prepare for the SSB Interview themselves with proper focus and attention. 



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