SSB Interview Day 2 Preparation: Tips to crack Psychological Test, TAT, WAT, SRT and SDT

Publish Date: 17 Feb, 2021 |

SSB Interview Day 2 Preparation: SSB Interview is one of the most important section of the NDA exam. While the SSB Interview is a whole 5-day process and different activities are conducted each day which an intent to analyse the ability of the candidate to gauge their inner mind potential. In this article further, we will discuss “How to prepare for the NDA SSB Interview Day 2.”


The second day of SSB interview is considered very crucial among the candidates. The candidates who happen to clear the SSB Interview Day 1 are only promoted to the SSB Interview Day 2. However, Day 2 of SSB Interview includes tests such as the Psychology Test, Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT), and the Self Description Test (SDT). The tips to prepare for these tests are mentioned below: 


  •  Psychological Tests: The Psychological test is a group of tests conducted to understand the psychological suitability of the candidate to become an officer. While in this test, candidates are required to write responses based on particular tests within a prescribed time limit, but the candidates are required to be quick with their responses during this test. The tips to ace the preparation for different tests conducted under Psychological Tests such as TAT, WAT, SRTand SDT are mentioned below.


  • Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT): In the TAT examination, candidates are shown 11 pictures one by one, out of those the last picture will be a blank slide, and the picture will appear for 30 seconds before disappearing. After this, the candidates will be given 4 minutes to write a story based on the picture. The same will continue for all the 11 pictures (out of which the last slide will be blank) and candidates will be awarded 4 minutes to write the story for each of the pictures.


  • Word Association Test (WAT): Candidates in this test will be shown 60 words in a flow and each word will appear on the screen for just 15 seconds. And the candidates are expected to write a sentence which comes to their mind impromptu based on that word.

In the same way, candidates are required to write 60 such sentences for 60 different words shown to them without a pause.


  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Candidates will be provided with a booklet with 60 different situations mentioned in it. While the candidates are required to write their responses based on those situations within the prescribed time limit of 30 minutes.
  • Self Description Test (SDT): Candidates in this test are required to write about what perspectives their parents, friends, teachers and they themselves hold about them. Also, they have to write about the development and things they want to achieve in the near future. The time allotted for these activities will be 15 minutes.   


So, this was the whole schedule of the activities that take place on the SSB Interview Day 2. While the key to ace your SSB Interview Day 2 Tests, a candidate must focus on managing the time, and they should be quick and crisp with their answers.  



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