SSB Interview Day 3 Preparation: Tips to crack Personal Interview and GTO tasks

Publish Date: 17 Feb, 2021 |

SSB Interview Day 3 Preparation: SSB Interview is one of the most important section of the NDA exam. While the SSB Interview is a whole 5-day process and different activities are conducted each day which an intent to analyse the ability of the candidate to gauge their inner mind potential. In this article further, we will discuss “How to prepare for the NDA SSB Interview Day 3.”


The Day 3 of SSB Interview consists of some activities such as a Personal Interview and a group of different outdoor tasks which are supervised by the Group Testing Officer (GTO), hence are named as the GTO tasks. The GTO activities are conducted in two days, i.e. SSB Interview Day 3 and SSB Interview Day 4. So, let’s know more about the activities conducted on SSB Interview Day 3 which is the Personal Interview and some GTO tasks.


  • Personal Interview: The personal interview is usually conducted on the SSB Interview Day 3 and is one of the most crucial interviews for the candidates appearing for the NDA exam. The personal Interview is one of the deciding factor of your recommendation in the SSB Interview. The questions asked in the Day 3 SSB Personal Interview play a very important role in assessing the candidate. The questions asked in this round of the 5 day SSB Interview are mostly based on the personality traits of the candidates such as the hobbies, family background, future preferences and other related topics. 


However, one of the most crucial parts of the Personal Interview is the way the candidate faces the Interviewing Officer (IO) in the SSB Personal Interview (PI). The candidates are advised to be confident during the interview and answer the questions to their utmost testimony, as just one mistake can deteriorate their impression and reduce their chance to get recommended for the further rounds of SSB Interview.


  • GTO tasks: The next set of activities conducted on the SSB Interview Day 3 is the series of outdoor GTO tasks conducted under the supervision of Group Testing Officer (GTO). The number of activities conducted on Day 3 are listed below:


  • Group Discussion (GD): The first activity conducted on Day 3 after the Personal Interview is the group discussion where the candidates are given some knowledgeable topic to set conduct a debate on. These topics are mostly related to current affairs.
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE): While the group planning exercise constitutes the candidates to write their plans for the problem mentioned and the map given to them. Once done with this, the group members are required to discuss the problem and reach a common plan and unison. After this, one of the group members has to explain the common planning they reach up to using the pointer and map.  
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT): This task requires all the candidates to cross some hurdles set up, using the supporting materials such as rope, plank, wood log, etc. While the guidelines issued during the activity are required to be followed carefully. 
  • Half Group Task (HGT): It is the last activity conducted on the Day 3 SSB interview as rest other activities listed under the GTO tasks are conducted on the Day 4 SSB Interview. Much similar to the PGT task, the number of members performing the HGT tasks are half as compared to PGT and the candidates here, are awarded a chance to flex their skills and potential.  


All other activities listed in the GTO tasks are conducted on the Day 4 SSB Interview. 



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