SSB Interview Day 4 Preparation: Tips to crack GTO Tasks

Publish Date: 21 Feb, 2021 |

SSB Interview Day 4 Preparation: SSB Interview is one of the most important section of the NDA exam. While the SSB Interview is a whole 5-day process and different activities are conducted each day which an intent to analyse the ability of the candidate to gauge their inner mind potential. In this article further, we will discuss “How to prepare for the NDA SSB Interview Day 4.”


The Day 4 of the SSB Interview consists of some activities such as a group of different outdoor tasks which are supervised by the Group Testing Officer (GTO), hence are named as the GTO tasks. The GTO activities are conducted at the stretch of two days, i.e. SSB Interview Day 3 and SSB Interview Day 4. So, let’s know more about the activities conducted on SSB Interview Day 4 which is the GTO tasks.


Since few of the GTO tasks are conducted on the SSB Interview Day 3, the rest of the tasks left are conducted on Day 4, which are listed below:


  • IOT (Individual Obstacles Task): The Individual Obstacles Task (IOT) requires a candidate to attempt 10 obstacles or hurdles individually, wherein, each obstacle is assigned with some point ranging from 1 to 10.


  • Command Task: While conducting the commander task, the candidates has to be the commander in the task, and then is required to travel across some of the obstacles with the help of 2 to 3 subordinates. The candidate has the privilege to choose those 2-3 candidates from his own group, who he thinks will help him clear those obstacles. 


  • Snake race/ Group Obstacle Race: In this task, every member of the group will compete with other groups. The task requires the members to hold a snake-like rope and cross some obstacles with that rope. The activity is a race among different group performed following certain rules and guidelines.     


So, these were some of the GTO tasks which are conducted on Day 4 of the SSB interview. Candidates preparing for the SSB interview must practise such tasks thoroughly to ace their SSB Interview. 



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