SSB Interview Day 5 Preparation: Tips to crack the final Conference

Publish Date: 21 Feb, 2021 |

SSB Interview Day 5 Preparation: SSB Interview is one of the most important section of the NDA exam. While the SSB Interview is a whole 5-day process and different activities are conducted each day which an intent to analyse the ability of the candidate to gauge their inner mind potential. In this article further, we will discuss “How to prepare for the NDA SSB Interview Day 5.”


Day 5 of the SSB Interview consists of a Conference which is conducted so as to assess the candidate’s overall performance in the previous 4 days and whether he/she is eligible to be sent further for other proceedings which are conducted to becomes an NDA Officer. So, let’s know more about the activities conducted on SSB Interview Day 5 which is the Conference conducted among the candidates and the SSB Board members. 


 Before the Conference is held among each candidate and the SSB Board Members, a short Personal Interview is conducted so as to analyse the candidate’s performance during the previous 4 days of the SSB Interview. This personal Interview is one of the crucial parts of all the 5 days activities of the SSB Interview. 


Conference: A conference is held among each candidate and the SSB Board Members. This conference works as a deciding factor of whether any particular candidate must be recommended further or not.  


During the conference, each candidate is asked some general questions about their overall experience during this 5-day stay at the academy and what all they have gained after participating in the 5-day activities of the SSB Interview. All the SSB Board members and the assessors collectively decide whether a candidate should further be recommended for the Indian Defence Forces. 


The conference extends for about 1-2 minutes where all the questions are asked. However, the candidates who are on the verge of getting recommenced further by the SSB Board Members may face some conclusive questions. 


So this was the whole process of the final day and the 5th Day of the SSB Interview. Since the whole process of the activities is defined in the article, students must perform accordingly to get selected for the Indian Defence Forces.


Here’s to wishing every candidate good luck with their SSB Interview final results.



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