Strawberry Moon 2021 will be witnessed on 24th June, know more about this unique astronomical event

Publish Date: 23 Jun, 2021 |

Strawberry Moon 2021:

This year, 24th June 2021 will be the first full moon after the summer solstice and a unique celestial phenomenon can be visible in the sky on this day. On 24th June, the moon will appear in the sky in the pinkish color resembling the strawberries, and this unique astronomical event is called Strawberry Moon. 

On this day, the moon will appear large in size and pinkish in color like a strawberry. This moon that emerges on the full moon day in June is called Strawberry Moon, while at some places it is also recognized as Hot Moon or Honey Moon.

What is unique about this phenomenon?

The Moon will appear much larger than its normal size due to its proximity to Earth in its orbit, then it will be called a Strawberry Moon. The moon of this full moon is called Strawberry Moon.

Where did the name Strawberry Moon come from?

The Strawberry Moon derives its name from ancient American tribes, who used to mark the start of the harvesting season for strawberries with a full moon. Actually, Strawberry Moon is a local American name, and it is known by different names in different parts of the world. In Europe, the Strawberry Moon is called the Rose Moon, which symbolizes the harvesting of roses. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is called the Hot Moon because it marks the beginning of the summer season north of the equator, and is considered a symbol of the beginning of summer there.

The Strawberry Moon usually occurs on the last full moon of spring or the first of summer. It is also called Blooming Moon, Green Corn Moon, Hor Moon, Birth Moon, Egg Laying Moon and Hatching Moon, Honey Moon, and Mead Moon.

Recently many astronomical events have been witnessed:

In the recent past, many astronomical events such as Super Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and then Ring of Fire i.e., Solar Eclipse have been witnessed. According to the Hindu calendar, Strawberry Moon marks the last full moon of spring and the first full moon of summer.

Strawberry Moon will be followed by Buck Moon on 24th July and Sturgeon Moon on 22nd August.


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