Supreme Court of India dismissed the Maratha Reservation petition, know the decision of the court

Publish Date: 05 May, 2021 |

Supreme Court of India:

The Supreme Court of India has dismissed the petition for Maratha Reservation today, stating it unconstitutional. The Supreme Court rejected the petition to reserve seats for the Maratha community in educational institutions and government jobs. 

The decision on this was given considering the mutual consent from the committee of 5 judges which was formed to decide upon the same. 

Other than this, the supreme court of India has also denied reviewing the Indra Sahni case from 1992. The reason stated by the Supreme court on the dismissal of the Maratha Reservation plea was that the petition was violating the limit of 50% of the reservation. Moreover, it was also stated that the petition also violates the right to equality. 

Along with this, the Supreme Court of India dismissed the 2018 law of the Maharashtra state government.


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