Top 5 Tech careers: Know the technical careers that will be popular in the near future

Publish Date: 20 Apr, 2021 |

Top 5 Tech careers:

In today’s world, preparing oneself for a fast-paced life has become a necessity. And to prepare ourselves for the same, we must always be aware of the career prospects which can be considered as per our qualifications, interests and aims.

However, usually, when a person pursues Engineering or BCA/MCA, the main motive of that student is to get placed in a software company. But, to seek entry to such companies, one must have hands-on knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms. Hence, some of the career prospects in the same regards i.e., the Top 5 Tech career are:

1. Data Scientists:

Data Scientist is a person who analyses the data collected by different applications or websites we use to provide personalised results. The basic job requirement of a Data scientist is that he/she should be a great problem solver and must be proficient enough in Mathematics. Usually, data scientists examine the data collected to show results as per the targetted ads or products.

2. Machine Learning:

Machine learning is another premium job which requires a lot of problem-solving skill and a good command over mathematics. Machine learning is the study of algorithms that improves automatically with the usage of data and also through experience. Just like the Internet was a rage in the 90s, currently, Machine learning is also rage, and in the coming 10 years, will surely capture the market heavily.

3. Full Stack Web Developer:

A Full Stack web developer is a person who develops both the client and the server software. A Full Stack web developer must know how to program a browser (such as JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Vue, etc.) along with HTML and CSS. The profession of a full stack developer is currently on peak and there are a lot of jobs for the profile of a full stack web developer currently in the market.

4. Internet of Things:

The Internet of Things basically is a network of physical objects “things” or “objects” that are embedded with sensors, software and technologies which are developed to meet the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. One easy example of the Internet of Things is Alexa. Since the market for the Internet of Things is surely expanding, the profession will make a good career prospect.

5. App Developer:

Since everything is going digital nowadays, different companies are launching their applications be it Android, or be it iOS. While there are jobs for the Android App developer too, and there are jobs for the iOS App developer too. But, the demand for Android App developers is considerably more, however, with less pay as considered to the iOS developer. The jobs for iOS App developers are considerably less but are premium jobs. 


However, while choosing a career, one must always choose his/her interests over salaries and demand for the job. Hence, choose wisely, as it may affect your life.


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