Toycathon 2021: PM Modi बोले भारत को global toy market में अपना योगदान बढ़ाने पर देना चाहिए ध्यान

Publish Date: 24 Jun, 2021 |

Toycathon 2021:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the participants of Toycathon 2021 through video conferencing today wherein various participants showed him their games. While PM Modi also gave his suggestions to the participants as to how they can improve their games.

One of the topics from the interaction at Toycathon 2021 was how to educate the children of our country on the benefits of earring healthy food, and the disadvantages of having junk food, as as to avoid children from being malnourished. 

Adding further, Prime Minister Modi also said during this time that Toys and games affect our mental strength, creativity, economy, and many such aspects, so it is equally important to talk about these topics. 

During this, Prime Minister Modi also stated that the global toy market is about $100 billion and we import around 80% of our toys which leads to the outflow of a lot of Indian currency. Hence, this shall be changed and many toys made in India shall be promoted. 

India shall contribute more to the global toy market, which is currently only $ 1.5 billion.


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