UP Population Control Bill 2021: यूपी में CM योगी ने लागू की नयी जनसंख्या नीति, जानिए क्या होगा नया कानून।

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UP Population Control Bill 2021: In order to control the population of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath released the New Population Policy 2021-30 on July 11. The new bill was introduced to the public on the occasion of World Population Day. Let us tell you that the state of Uttar Pradesh is only behind 5 countries in terms of Population and is also the most populated state of India. Under the new population policy, the government has set a target to reduce the birth rate in the state.

Uttar Pradesh New Population Control Policy 2021

Introducing the new policy in the state, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath says that, “increasing population acts as a hindrance to development. We need to control the fertility rate.” CM Yogi Adityanath further said that people of every caste, religion, the community will have to pay attention to control the increased population.  “I am very happy that this new policy has been announced on the occasion of World Population Day.”

The population is hindrance to Development- CM Yogi 

The Chief Minister said that “concerns were raised from time to time that the increasing population could be a hindrance in the development. This has been discussed many times over the last four decades. Meanwhile, the countries or states that made efforts on population control have also seen positive results. Similarly, More efforts are needed for population control in UP. The role of awareness in this matter is very important.”

He further says that ‘population policy is concerned with every citizen. The increasing population is the reason for poverty. There should be a gap between two children also. If there is not a good gap between the birth of two children then their nutrition also gets affected. Poverty and a growing population are closely related to each other.’

UP population control law

CM Yogi Adityanath further added that “keeping in mind the various sections of the society, the state government is working to implement this new population policy. Population policy is not only concerned with population stabilization but also to bring the path of happiness and prosperity in the life of every citizen to his doorstep. More effort is needed in UP. We will make people aware of the increasing population in schools, and other places.”

Let us tell you that In the new population policy, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also expressed the intention of enacting a new law in which various strategies can be adapted to control the population.  The State Law Commission has prepared a draft of this law and has sought objections and suggestions from the public for the same. The law is expected to come into effect soon. 

Number Stability Fortnight Inaugurated

The Number Stability Fortnight was also inaugurated in the program organized at the official residence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The Chief Minister also inaugurated BSL-2 RTPCR labs in 11 districts of the state. He also launched a mobile app named 'Health Center in Uttar Pradesh' developed by the Health Department on the occasion. 

Through this mobile app, information about the status of district hospitals, community and primary health centres in all the districts of the state will be provided. Information about available beds, a number of doctors and medicines will also be available in it. CM also distributed shagun kits to two couples on the occasion to encourage family planning.

Accessibility of contraceptive measures  by UP Government 

The Uttar Pradesh government will also increase the accessibility of contraceptive measures under the family planning program and will also try to provide proper arrangements for safe abortion. Efforts will also be made to reduce the neonatal birth rate, mortality rate and maternal mortality rate through improved health facilities. 

UP Population Control Policy Target 

The government will also provide accessible solutions to the problem of impotence/infertility. In the new population policy, a target has been set to bring the birth rate to 2.1 per thousand population by the year 2026 and to 1.9 by the year 2030. 

Apart from better management of nutrition, education and health of adolescents in the age group of 11 to 19 years, comprehensive arrangements will also be made for the care of the elderly. 

The new Population Policy of Uttar Pradesh Government also includes a proposal to set up health clubs in schools for population stabilization. Along with this, according to the spirit of the Digital Health Mission, there is a plan to conduct digital tracking of newborns, adolescents and elderly people in the state.

Person with more than 2 children cannot contest local body elections

A concrete law will soon take shape in Uttar Pradesh regarding the new population control. The important thing is that apart from the common people, there is an attempt to put a big curb on government officials and employees as well as public representatives. 

The Commission has made an important recommendation of the State Law Commission to deprive those officials with more than two children from the local body elections which include municipal elections to the Panchayat elections. 

The commission is also in favour of bringing stricter provisions in the new population law. It has recommended that the elected representatives in all local bodies should take an affidavit of adherence to this policy within one year of the law coming into force and their election should be cancelled if the rules are violated. They will also not be allowed to contest elections again. 

UP Population Bill-2021 Draft 

In the draft of the UP Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill-2021 prepared by the Commission, along with fixing the responsibility of the people, the responsibilities of the state government have also been fixed. 

The Commission has uploaded the draft of the Population Control Bill on its website and has sought suggestions till July 19, 2021. The commission is also taking suggestions by sending the draft to several judges. The draft will be finalized and submitted to the state government after looking towards all the suggestions and needed changes. 

As per the reports new law can be implemented after the assembly elections which are to be held next year and before the urban bodies (municipal corporation, Nagar Palika Parishad, Nagar panchayat).

UP Populations Policy- Restriction In Government Jobs 

Similar to the state of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, the UP state also includes a recommendation to keep those people with more than two children away from government jobs. Parents will not be able to apply for any recruitment of the state government if they have 3 or more children. They will also be deprived of the benefits of government schemes.

Taken care of Polygamy in UP Population Policy  

The commission has also taken care of polygamy. Couples having more than one marriage under religious or personal law will also be under the purview of the new population law. If a person having more than one marriage has more than two children from all the wives, then he will not get the benefit of the government facilities. 

However, every wife will be able to take advantage of the facilities if she has two children. Likewise, if a woman has more than one marriage and she has more than two children from different husbands then she will also be deprived of the available facilities. 

Moreover, it has been recommended to all government officers and employees to take an affidavit of limited family. Their promotion will be stopped and they will be dismissed from service for breaking the rules. It is also recommended to provide 12 months leave with full pay and allowances for maternity and paternity in the new policy. 

UP Population Policy Recommendations 

  • There are recommendations to give two additional increments, promotion, the exemption in housing schemes, increase the contribution of the employee in PF and other such benefits to the government employees whose family will be limited and they undergo sterilization process on their own.

  • Couples who are not in government jobs will get exemption in water, electricity, home and other taxes if they have a limited family.

  • There is a plan to give preference in jobs along with free treatment, education and insurance for 20 years to the children of parents who voluntarily undergo sterilization on a child.

  • A couple with one child can get up to four increments in a government job. Such a couple residing below the poverty line will be given a lump sum of Rs 80,000 for a son and Rs 1 lakh for a daughter.

  • Also if someone has two or more children during their second pregnancy, then the children will be considered as one.

  • If the first, second or both the children are disabled, then the couple will not be deprived of having a third child.

  • Also if people want to adopt a third child then govt. Will exempt them. 

  • If a couple loses a child to death then their third child will be out of the purview of the law.

  • The government is creating a State Population Fund to implement the law.

  • Birth Delivery facilities will be provided in every primary health centre.

  • There will also be a chapter on population control included in the school curriculum.

  • If there is a Failure of female and male sterilization, then they will be given exemption in an unwanted pregnancy.

  • The third child born due to the failure of the sterilization operation will be out of the purview of the Population law. 

  • If the failure of the sterilization operation is proved, 50 thousand rupees will also be given to the couple as compensation.


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