UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Exam Personality Test: Know the types of Interview, and tips to clear UPSC Interview by experts

Publish Date: 27 Mar, 2021 |

UPSC Civil Services (IAS) Exam Personality Test:

Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Examination (UPSC CSE) conducted to admit candidates for the position of an Indian Administrative Service(IAS) Officer is considered one of the toughest exam in the country, and one of the toughest parts of this Civil Service Exam (CSE) is the to clear the UPSC CSE Interview. The UPSC CSE Personality Interview is the last stage of the UPSC exam which is conducted when a particular candidate clear the UPSC Prelims exam and the UPSC Main exam. And in this video, you will gain knowledge on the “Types of Interviews in the  UPSC Civil Service Exam?” 


The UPSC CSE Personality Interview is conducted with an aim to gain insights into the personality of the candidate and whether the personality of a particular candidate is suitable according to make a career in the public services. Candidates appearing for the UPSC Civil Services Personality Interview are asked different questions according to their personalities from a Detailed Application Form (DAF) which every candidate fills. The DAF consists of every required detail of the candidate ranging from his hobbies, personality traits, academic qualification background, etc. 


The questions asked from a candidate are usually opposite to the nature or behaviour of the candidate with a motive to know the psychological stability of the candidate and check his/her suitability to join the Civil Services further. Candidates are usually asked questions that will put them in an ethical dilemma and it is then tested that is the candidate capable enough to fight the dilemma or not. This is done to test the emotional strength of the candidate. 


The types of Interview conducted in UPSC CSE are listed below:

  • Structured Interview: In a structured interview, a candidate is asked questions from his/her DAF, hobbies, Optional Subjects, Case Studies, ethics followed by a small debate. 
  • Unstructured Interview: Unstructured Interview is the one wherein the candidate is asked questions from different aspects one after another, without any specific order, by the 5 board members.
  • Lead Interview: Lead Interview is the kind of interview in which the candidate is asked a particular question, and while answering that questions, furthermore questions are made out of it which leads the conversation further.
  • Stress Interview: In a Stress Interview, a particular candidate is asked question only if he/she is successful or qualified enough. A stress Interview usually seems to push the candidate towards committing a mistake and usually judges the flexibility and rigidity of the candidate towards a particular thing. Usually, stress interviews are difficult in nature. 




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