UPSC CSE Interview: Tips, Personality test, Guidance, Development and How Interview is conducted

Publish Date: 23 Mar, 2021 |

UPSC CSE Interview:

Union Public Service Commission Civil Service Examination (UPSC CSE) conducted to admit candidates for the position of an Indian Administrative Service(IAS) Officer is considered one of the toughest exam in the country, and one of the toughest parts of this Civil Service Exam (CSE) is the to clear the UPSC CSE Interview. The UPSC CSE Personality Interview is the last stage of the UPSC exam which is conducted when a particular candidate clear the UPSC Prelims exam and the UPSC Main exam. And in this video, you will gain knowledge on “How is the UPSC Civil Service Personality Interview conducted?” 


The UPSC CSE Personality Interview is conducted with an aim to gain insights into the personality of the candidate and whether the personality of a particular candidate is suitable according to make a career in the public services. Hence, all the candidates appearing for the UPSC Civil Service Exam must note that the Civil Service Exam is a personality test and not a knowledge test and must prepare them accordingly. But, it is assumed by the UPSC Board Members that the candidate has knowledge of almost everything in this world. 

But, at the same time, it is also acceptable that candidates are not human encyclopedia and can not be known to any fact. In that case, just accepting the fact and simply answering “I don’t know sir” will also be acceptable.  


However, it must always be noted that students should never try to any trait about their personality and must never try to be someone or something else. As any fakeness can be easily identified by the examiners. 

While appearing for the traits looked for in an ideal candidate by the UPSC Board Members are:

  • Can a particular candidate socialize enough
  • Civilised behaviour and confidence of the candidate
  • Can a candidate maintain a balanced perception
  • How much attentive and aware a particular candidate is, (responsive not reactive)
  • The totality of Communication and body language of the candidate
  • A candidate must be a good listener


These are some of the traits which are candidate must possess in order to ace their Personality Interview. But to prepared the best for the UPSC CSE Personality Test, one must work on making their own personality for the test.



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