US India Sanctions: US warns to impose Sanctions on India over S-400 deal with Russia- Know all detail

Publish Date: 08 Jan, 2021 |


US India Santiions S-400: Start of 2021 does not bring good news for US-India relations. The  US has warned India’s decision to purchase S-400 air defence system from Russia. If India makes this deal with Russis, US warns to impose sanctions on India . The US CRS said in its report to Congress that India is "eager for more technology-sharing and co-production initiatives, while the United States urges more reforms in India's defence offsets policy and higher Foreign Direct Investment caps in its defence sector".  So in the video we give you all details about why US is warning to place sanctions on India. 

What is India Russia S-400 deal

In October 2018, India entered into a contract with Russia to purchase Five units of S-400 Air Defence Missile System, the cost of which is approximate of $5.43 Billion or (Rs. 40,000 Crores). India entered into such contract with Russia during Trump’s presidency over America. The agreement was entered under such circumstances that in case India makes any such deal with Russia, America can impose many restrictions over India. It is to be noted that recently the same sanction was imposed by US on Turkey on Dec 15, 2020 when Turkey acquired the same S-400 air defence systems from Russia.


What is S-400 Air Defence Systems

So what is S-400 Air Defence System:  S-400 is deemed as one of the most superior air defence systems yet. This S-400 Air Defence System is based on a multifunctional system through which, it can bruise other missiles at a different speed. This apparatus can target 5th Generation Aircraft, Cruise, and  Ballistic Missiles through its Supersonic and Hypersonic Missiles. It can easily vandalise targets coming into a range of 400 kilometres and at the height of 30-40 kilometres. It can cease 36 marks within a range of 400 kilometres at once. 

The system comes with a Radar Detection System ranging to 600 kilometres which can help mark 100-300 targets. It comes with almost 12 missile launchers which can launch missiles within 5 minutes. This S-400 Air Defence Missile System will help India in making its Defence more stronger. 


What is S-200 Angara Air Defence System


In 1967, the Soviet Union developed the S-200 Angara Air Defence System, which was capable of targetting most Advanced Aircraft or Missiles. Later in 1978, the Soviet Union developed the S-300 Air Defence System Missile which was actually an upgrade of S-200 Defence System and was capable of aiming from long-distance into air surface. In 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved, leading to fabrication of 15 independent democracies including Russia, Armenia, Latvia, Turkmenistan among others. And out of this, Russia happens to bag a significant share of Soviet Union’s Weapons and Defence Technology, and it always continued to make weapons warfare ammunitions more superior and intense.


On 28 April 2017, Russia deployed S-400 Air Defence System into its army which is deemed to be one of the most superior Air Defence System in the world. Russia is now working on the deployment of S-500 Air Defence System, which can be done anytime soon.



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