Way To Keep Bones Healthy: If you want to keep your bones strong then follow these tips- Watch Video

Publish Date: 24 Nov, 2020 |

Way To Keep Bones Healthy: strong bones require a healthy body. Apart from calcium, our bones are made up of many minerals. Due to irregular lifestyle or in old age, these minerals start to disappear. The bones begin to wear out and weaken. Carbonated beverages such as soft drinks, champagne etc. can take calcium from the bones. Same goes with alcohol also. Taking excess protein can cause acidity in the body, due to which calcium can be released from the body through urine. Most people need 0.12 kg of protein from three meals a day. Taking more protein than this may prove harmful for bones.  Many people take drugs for chest irritation. For absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc, stomach acid is necessary. If you are taking any medicine to stop the formation of acid then it increases your risk of osteoporosis. It is safe to take these medicines for only 6 to 8 weeks. By drinking a cup of coffee, 150 mg of calcium is released from the body through urine. Coffee contains many other harmful chemicals that can inhibit the release of toxic substances from the body. If you want to drink coffee, then increase the amount of calcium taken by 150 mg for each cup. 







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