WhatsApp files complaint against Center in Delhi HC, says new rules will end the privacy rights

Publish Date: 26 May, 2021 |

Whatsapp sues Centre: Amid all the speculations and news about the banning of Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp in the country, Whastapp has recently filed a legal case against the central government in Delhi. Earlier the government has warned the companies about banning their applications in India if they do not consider the new regulations and policies brought by the government. Now Whatsapp has sued the Indian government as they say that the regulations seek to break the privacy protection of their company. 

As per the news by Times of India, the lawsuit was filed by the California-based Facebook in the Delhi high court and mentioned that one of the rules proposed by the government hinders the privacy rights mentioned in the Indian Constitution. As per the rules, the government can ask for the "first originata of information when authorities demand it,’ from the company violating t5he right to privacy. 

As per the suit files by Whatsapp they cannot reveal the people who are accused of misconduct as the messages of the applications are end-to-end encrypted and for this rule, they have to break the encryption for the users. 

However, as per the reports by Reuters, they cannot confirm the complaint which has been filed by Whatsapp or when it could be reviewed by the court. The people connected with the issue have refused to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter. 

The new guideline was released three months ago

The new guideline was released by the central government in February. This was necessary for Internet media platforms. The Indian version Koo is the only Internet media platform that has followed the new guidelines.

How many users are there in India?

Youtube has 44.8 crore users in India, 53 crores from WhatsApp, and 41 crore users from Facebook. Instagram has 21 million clients. And there is 1.75 crores Twitter account holders. At the same time, Koo App has more than 65 lakh users.

New guidelines regarding Internet media

The internet media platform will have to deploy the Nodal Officer, Resident Greaves Officer (based in India) here. Complaints about OTT content will have to be redressed within 15 days. A monthly report has to be issued. Information about complaints and their redress, which posts and content were removed and the reason for this.

All platforms should have a physical address in India, which will be registered on the company's app and website. Offensive content has to be removed within 24 hours of the complaint. Companies have to have a grievance redressal mechanism. The complaint should be registered within 24 hours and it should be disposed of in 15 days.


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