WHO calls mutant variant of Coronavirus found in India a global threat, has spread to many countries so far

Publish Date: 11 May, 2021 |

Coronavirus India Update: Concerns about India's double mutant coronavirus are increasing worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has cited double mutants, ie, B1.617 variants, as a cause for global concern. This variant was first identified last year in India.

WHO's Maria Van Karkhove said, “The #SARSCoV2 virus variant B.1.617 is currently listed as a variant of interest but is being evaluated as a potential variant of concern by @WHO & our evolution working group.”

The WHO reported that a close variant of B.1.617 was spotted in India in December last year. At the same time, an earlier variant was seen in October 2020. This variant has spread to many countries till now. Many countries have restricted or restricted movement from India due to the rapidly growing transition. Van said that by Tuesday some more information related to this variant and three other variants of the same order will be available.

The infection capacity of this virus is very high. This variant is believed to be the reason for the second wave spreading very fast in India. A few days ago the WHO reported that this variant has been seen in 17 countries.

Meanwhile, WHO director-general Tedros Adenam said the WHO Foundation is running a 'Together for India' campaign with the aim of raising funds for the purchase of oxygen, medicine and other essential equipment in India.’


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