World Environment Day 2021: Know different ways through which you can earn money while saving our environment

Publish Date: 05 Jun, 2021 |

World Environment Day 2021: Out of all other things, our environment is one of the most important gifts of God, that helps us survive comfortably. But we as human beings have always used our environment, the ecosystem around us for our own benefits, without considering the sustainable development method.

However, World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June which aims to create awareness among people about the importance to save our mother nature. 

World Environment Day History:

World Environment Day is an important day that is organized as one of the biggest annual events by the United Nations. World Environment Day was established by the United Nations Assembly in 1972, which was also the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the human environment. While in 1974, the day was celebrated with the theme “Only One Earth”, and since then, many countries have been celebrating the day. It must be noted that World Environment Day was first observed in the United States in 1974. 

Significance of World Environment Day 2021:

World Environment Day is celebrated every year with the prime aim to highlight the importance of the environment and to create awareness that the environment shall not be exploited as per our needs and we as humans shall consider sustainable development for the betterment of our ecosystem. 

World Environment Day Theme:

The theme for World Environment Day 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration” and the big day will be hosted by Pakistan globally for the year 2021. Well, amongst all this there are some interesting ways through which you can save the environment and get interesting rewards for the kind gesture, in return. 


How to make save money and save environment:

  1. Recycle Pastic Bottles and Cans in Vending Machines: Well as the name suggests, these are the vending machines that pay you the money back for disposing off plastic bottles in the machine. These machines are usually established in crowded public places, with an aim to control the litter. 

  2. Newspapers recycling: Almost all of us have a huge pile of old newspapers at home, which we usually have a struggle disposing off. Hence, following the best way for the disposal, we must sell these old newspapers and books to the tatter collectors, who collect such scrap for further recycling process and pay you in return.

  3. Milk Pouches: The milk pouches we cut are always left with a small portion of the triangle corner, which can’t be decomposed easily and becomes a threat to the flora and fauna of our ecosystem. Hence, it is always advised to not cut off that small piece of the triangle from the milk pouches. 

  4. Food Wastage: If you have a party at home and have leftover food, then donate that food to the poor insted of thowing in the tash.

  5. Make Compost: Green waste from home like vegetable peels, used tea leaves, egg shells make an excellent compost and use that to grow a garden in your house. Even if its just a small window side garden. From your waste you will get great organic vegetable and herbs. No need to go to those fancy food stores spends loads of money of those organic vegetables.  We believe that this Environment Day,  you will surely step forward to save the environment, be it even a small step.


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