World Ozone Day 2020: Know what is the importance of ozone day and why it is celebrated?

Publish Date: 16 Sep, 2020

World Ozone Day 2020: Every year World Ozone Day is celebrated on 16 September. Its purpose is to make people aware about the ozone layer protecting the earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun among people all over the world. The deterioration of the ozone layer promotes climate change. Earth's temperature is constantly increasing due to climate change. Many kinds of diseases are spreading due to climate change and increasing temperature. Awareness campaign is being conducted around the world to protect the ozone layer in view of this serious crisis. 

History of World Ozone Day

From 1994 to 16 September, the annual Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all countries. The day was designated as a declaration that was made by the United Nations. Signing of Montreal Convention on 19 December 2000 due to lack of ozone layer. The Montreal Convention is an international treaty to protect the ozone layer by eliminating harmful substances and gases around the world. Participation in the International Day has seen tremendous growth since 1995, the first year when the day was celebrated worldwide to protect the ozone layer.

World Ozone Day Theme

The theme of World Ozone Day 2020 is '35 years and Healing'. Through this theme, efforts will be made for the three decades of efforts by countries around the world to protect the ozone layer and protect the climate under the Montreal Protocol. 


International Ozone Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the students in India for the conservation of the ozone layer. On this day huge rallies are organized on the streets of the city, students are given a chance to give a speech on the annual Ozone Day. College students can participate in state level campaigns for a session on this subject.

The Indian government offers recognition and scholarship to intelligent people who invent creative ways to reduce the emission of harmful gases and substances which is not only convenient but also sustainable. 

Harm of Ultraviolet rays 

Ultraviolet ray is a ray coming from the sun to the earth in which energy is very high. This energy is slowly diluting the ozone layer. Increasing the amount of ultraviolet rays reduces the body's ability to fight diseases in addition to skin cancer, cataract. It also has an impact on biological diversity. 



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