World Radio Day 2021: Its History, Significance and the theme for World Radio Day 2021

Publish Date: 13 Feb, 2021 |

World Radio Day 2021: Radio, since the last 100 years or maybe more, has been one of the most important media to celebrate humanity and its diversity. It has been one of the most significant instruments which have been assisting people to communicate within the society and remain connected to the world. While in modern times, radio is considered as a means of entertainment and it still connects the people across borders through the medium of music and depicts the cultural interest of people from various backgrounds residing in many parts of the world. And amongst all this, today i.e. 13th February is the day when we recognise the contribution of Radio to the evolution of humankind. 13th February is marked as World Radio Day across the globe, so today, we will in this article further read about the history, significance and theme for World Radio Day 2021.


History of World Radio Day 2021:  

The history of World Radio Day dates back to 2011 while the first World Radio Day was officially celebrated in 2012 on 13th February. World Radio Day was manifested by the Members of UNESCO and was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly later, in 2012 as an International Day. And since then, the World Radio Celebrations are based on different themes for every year. 

However, if we talk about India, the Radio Broadcasting here started in the early 1920s and in 1923, the first-ever radio program was aired by the Radio Club of Bombay. The Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) in Bombay was inaugurated by the then Viceroy of India, Lord Irwin. 


Significance of World Radio Day 2021:

Radio has been the most effective way of delivering information and daily news to the masses from the olden times. While it is the most preferred, trusted and democratic medium and has grabbed attention from all age groups, wide geographic reach and a great connection with the audience as compared to the Internet, Newspaper and television. 

However, the primary objective for celebrating World Radio Day is to create awareness among people and media of the importance of radio. And to vitalize the decision-makers to establish and provide access to information through the radio as well as to intensify the networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.  


The “New World, New Radio” is an ode to the resilience of radio for keeping up with the tougher times and is a tribute to its capacity for perpetual adaptation at the rate of society’s transformation and new needs of the listeners during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The theme for World Radio Day 2021: 

Since the World Radio Day, 2021 is marking a decade of World Radio Day. The UNESCO has called out for the celebration of 10th anniversary of the event and over 110 years of radio.

The theme for World Radio Day 2021 is divided among some sub-headings:


  • Evolution: The World changes, radio evolves. This theme cites the resilience of radio to its sustainability.
  • Innovation: The World changes, radio adapts and innovates. This theme refers to the radio’s adaptability to new technologies to remain the go-to medium of mobility, accessible everywhere and to everyone.
  • Connection: The World changes, radio connects. This theme highlights the radio’s services to our society during socio-economic crises, epidemics, natural disasters and many more.


Here’s to wishing every reader a Happy World Radio Day 2021. 



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