World Television Day: why do we celebrate and what is its history- WatchVideo

Publish Date: 21 Nov, 2020 |

World Television Day: World Television Day is celebrated every year on 21 November to discuss the struggle, utility, future etc. of television. Till now the journey of television has been very interesting and it is here from black and white to the present day Smart TV. The United Nations General Assembly announced in December 1996 to celebrate November 21 as World Television Day. In 1996, the first World Television Forum was established on 21 November and on this occasion, World Television Day is celebrated. The objective of the establishment of the World Television Forum was to provide a platform where the importance of television could be discussed. On this day, meetings are held at the local and global level to raise public awareness about the role of television plays in communication and globalization. After TV came in 1934, it took 16 years to reach India, and it first came to India in 1950, when an engineering student put television on display. Doordarshan was established on 15 September 1959 as a government broadcaster. At the time of Doordarshan's debut, programs were broadcast for a while and in 1965, regular daily broadcasting started as a part of All India Radio.



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